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Summary of Japanese Results on Day 7 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day Seven HighlightsLondon, England, 7/20/17
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Women's 400 m T34 Final
1. Hannah Cockroft (Great Britain) - 58.29 - CR
2. Alexa Halko (U.S.A.) - 59.93 - AR
3. Kara Adenegan (Great Britain) - 1:02.94
5. Haruka Kitaura (Japan) - 1:12.30

Women's Long Jump T11 Final
1. Arjola Dedaj (Italy) - 4.65 m (+0.4 m/s)
2. Chiaki Takada (Japan) - 4.49 m (-0.4 m/s) - PB
3. Huimin Zhong (China) - 4.44 m (-0.6 m/s) - PB

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Summary of Japanese Results on Day 6 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day Six HighlightsLondon, England, 7/19/17
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Women's 100 m T52 Final (-0.2 m/s)
1. Teruyo Tanaka (Japan) - 23.09
2. Yuka Kiyama (Japan) - 25.17
3. Norsilawati Sa'at (Singapore) - 26.78

Women's 400 m T13 Final
1. Leilia Adzhametova (Ukraine) - 56.56 m - PB
2. Sanea Benhama (Morocco) - 56.66 m - PB
3. Carolina Duarte (Portugal) - 57.52 m - PB
6. Mana Sasaki (Japan) - 1:00.17 - AR

Women's 400 m T53 Final
1. Hongchuan Zhou (China) - 55.22 - CR
2. Chelsea McClammer (U.S.A.) - 55.50
3. Samantha Kinghorn (Great Britain) - 56.71
6. Kazumi Nakayama (Japan) - 1:00.62

Men'x 4x400 m Relay T53/54 Final
1. Japan 3:15.93

Men's Long Jump T47 Final
1. Hao Wang (China) - 7.18 m (-0.9 m/s)
2. Arnaud Assoumani (France) - 7.13 m (-0.7 m/s)
3. Tobi Fawehinmi (U.S.A.) - 7.03 m (-1.3 m/s)
5. Hajimu Ashida (Japan) - 6.40 m (-0.7 m/s)

Men's Javelin Throw F37 Final
1. Dmitrijs Silovs (Latvia) - 55.89 m - MR

Additions to Japanese National Team for London World Championships

The JAAF has made a series of announcements over the last week confirming additions to its small team for next month's London World Championships. Along with previously announced rosters for track and field events, combined events and road events, the following athletes have been added to the Japanese team. Relay members are pending IAAF confirmation. The final complete team roster is expected next week.

Men's 400 m Hurdles
Ryo Kajiki (Josai Univ.) - 49.33
Yusuke Ishida (Waseda Univ.) - 49.35

Men's 3000 m Steeplechase
Hironori Tsuetaki (Fujitsu) - 8:29.05

Men's 4 x 400 m Relay
Yuzo Kanemaru (Otsuka Seiyaku) - 45.76
Kosuke Horii (Sumitomo Denko) - 45.88

Women's Javelin Throw
Yuki Ebihara (Suzuki Hamamatsu AC) - 61.95 m

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Summary of Japanese Results on Day 5 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day Five HighlightsLondon, England, 7/18/17
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Women's 100 m T47 Final(-0.2 m/s)
1. Deja Young (U.S.A.) - 12.39
2. Alicja Fiodorow (Poland) - 12.61
3. Lu Li (China) - 12.62 - PB
7. Sae Tsuji (Japan) - 13.23

Men's 200 m T54 Final(-0.4 m/s)
1. Yassine Gharbi (Tunisia) - 24.86 - MR
2. Kenny van Weeghel (Netherlands) - 24.92
3. Leo Pekka Tahti (Finland) - 25.05
8. Yuki Nishi (Japan) - 26.27

Men's 400 m T52 Final
1. Tomoki Sato (Japan) - 56.78 - MR
2. Raymond Martin (U.S.A.) - 57.21 (MR)
3. Hirokazu Ueyonabaru (Japan) - 1:02.27

Men's Long Jump T42 Final
1. Daniel Wagner (Denmark) - 6.50 - MR
2. Atsushi Yamamoto (Japan) - 6.44 (MR)
3. Leon Schaefer (Germany) - 6.25 m

Women's Discus Throw F44 Final
1. Juan Yao (China) - 39.72
2. Yue Yang (China) - 38.25
3. Sarah Edmiston (Australia) - 33.80 - AR
8. Fumiko Takado (Japan) - 22.50

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Marathoner Inoue Gets World Championships Sendoff From Alma Mater

A local school in Isahaya, Nagasaki held a sendoff on July 16 for marathoner and alumnus Hiroto Inoue ahead of next month's London World Championships. Speaking with determination Inoue told attendees, "As a member of the national team my run will bring no shame."

The sendoff ceremony took place in the principal's office at Inoue's alma mater, Iimori Nishi Elementary School. Local elementary and junior school students gathered along with members of the area residents' association to give Inoue their support and best wishes. Inoue received a ceremonial board on which current Iimori Nishi students had written messages of encouragement.

Inoue then went outside to speak to a crowd of local residents about his ambitions for his first World Championships, telling them, "As a member of the national team I will do my best to bring you no shame, so please cheer for me." He then signed autographs and took pictures with waiting children. One fifth grade boy w…

Summary of Japanese Results on Day 4 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day Four HighlightsLondon, England, 7/17/17
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Women's 100 m T13 Final(0.0 m/s)
1. Leilia Adzhametova (Ukraine) - 12.00 - MR
2. Ilse Hayes (South Africa) - 12.17
3. Kym Crosby (U.S.A.) - 12.18 - PB
7. Tomomi Sato (Japan) - 13.08

Men's 100 m T42 Final(-0.4 m/s)
1. Scott Reardon (Australia) - 12.21
2. Daniel Wagner (Denmark) - 12.30
3. Richard Whitehead (Great Britain) - 12.39
6. Atsushi Yamamoto (Japan) - 13.08

Men's 400 m T44 Final
1. Michail Seitis (Greece) - 51.41
2. Simone Manigrasso (Italy) - 54.07 - PB
3. Emanuele di Marino (Italy) - 55.70
7. Mikio Ikeda (Japan) - 59.40

Men's 800 m T54 Final
1. Marcel Hug (Switzerland) - 1:37.64
2. Yang Liu (China) - 1:37.97
3. Saichon Konjen (Thailand) - 1:38.12
4. Tomoki Suzuki (Japan) - 1:41.42

Men's 1500 m T20 Final
1. Michael Brannigan (U.S.A.) - 3:53.05 - CR
2. Cristiano Pereira (Portugal) - 3:55.39 - AR
3. Rafal Korc (Poland) - 3:56.82

Summary of Japanese Results on Day 3 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day Three HighlightsLondon, England, 7/16/17
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Women's 100 m T42 Final(+1.0 m/s)
1. Martina Caironi (Italy) - 14.65
2. Monica Contrafalto (Italy) - 15.35 - PB
3. Scout Bassett (U.S.A.) - 16.68
5. Kaede Maegawa (Japan) - 16.92 - PB
7. Hitomi Onishi (Japan) - 17.39
8. Sayaka Murakami (Japan) - 17.50

Women's 200 m T13 Final(+0.2 m/s)
1. Leilia Adzhametova (Ukraine) - 24.63 - AR
2. Ilse Hayes (South Africa) - 24.94
3. Kym Crosby (U.S.A.) - 25.21 - PB
5. Mana Sasaki (Japan) - 26.36 - AR
6. Tomomi Sato (Japan) - 26.99

Men's 1500 m T52 Final
1. Tomoki Sato (Japan) - 3:45.89 - MR
2. Ryamon Martin (U.S.A.) - 3:47.04
3. Hirokazu Ueyonabaru (Japan) - 4:01.56

Men's 1500 m T54 Final
1. Marcel Hug (Switzerland) - 3:04.33
2. Yassine Gharbi (Tunisia) - 3:04.58
3. Alhassane Balde (Germany) - 3:04.61
7. Tomoki Suzuki (Japan) - 3:05.99

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Summary of Japanese Results on Day 2 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day Two HighlightsLondon, England, 7/15/17
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Men's 100 m T47 Final(+0.1 m/s)
1. Petrucio Ferreira dos Santos (Brazil) - 10.53 - WR
2. Yohansson Nascimento (Brazil) - 10.80
3. Michal Derus (Poland) - 10.91
8. Tomoki Tagawa (Japan) - 11.54

Women's 200 m T38 Final(+0.5 m/s)
1. Sophie Hahn (Great Britain) - 26.11 - WR
2. Lindy Ave (Germany) - 27.02 - PB
3. Kadeena Cox (Great Britain) - 27.15 - PB
6. Yuka Takamatsu (Japan) - 29.56 - PB

Women's 200 m T47 Final(+0.6 m/s)
1.Deja Young (U.S.A.) - 25.10
2. Anrune Liebenberg (South Africa) - 25.53 - AR
3. Lu Li (China) - 25.71 - PB
6. Sae Tsuji (Japan) - 26.84 - PB

Women's 200 m T53 Final(+0.5 m/s)
1. Samantha Kinghorn (Great Britain) - 28.61 - WR
2. Angela Ballard (Australia) - 29.09
3. Hamide Kurt (Turkey) - 30.02 - PB
8. Keiko Konishi (Japan) - 33.97

Men's 5000 m T11 Final
1. Samwel Kimani (Kenya) - 15:41.54
2. Cristian Valenzuela (Chile) -…

Summary of Japanese Results on Day 1 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day One HighlightsLondon, England, 7/14/17
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Women's 100 m T34 Final(0.0 m/s)
1. Hannah Cockroft (Great Britain) - 17.18 - WR
2. Karen Adenegan (Great Britain) - 18.01
3. Alexa Halko (U.S.A.) - 18.43 - AR
7. Haruka Kitaura (Japan) - 20.15

Men's 100 m T54 Final(+0.3 m/s)
1. Leo Pekka Tahti (Finland) - 13.95
2. Yang Liu (China) - 14.07
3. Kenny van Weeghel (Netherlands) - 14.25
8. Tomoaki Ikoma (Japan) - 14.86

Women's 400 m T52 Final
1. Teruyo Tanaka (Japan) - 1:21.20
2. Yuka Kiyama (Japan) - 1:26.30

Men's Javelin Throw F46 Final
1. Sundar Gurjar (India) - 60.36 m - PB
2. Dinesh Herath (Sri Lanka) - 57.93 m
3. Chunliang Guo (China) - 56.14 m
5. Akihiro Yamazaki (Japan) - 53.55 m

Rio Olympian Fukushi Says "Next Year" to the Marathon

The final meet in the Hokuren Distance Challenge series took place July 13 in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Rio de Janeiro Olympics women's marathon team member Kayoko Fukushi (Wacoal) ran in the 5000 m B-heat. The Japanese national record holder with a best of 14:53.22, Fukushi ran 16:11.39.

Now 35, Fukushi got married in March this year. This year's World Championships were never part of her plans. Asked about her next marathon she answered, "Dunno. Next year somewhere. Probably not this year." After Abashiri Fukushi will do a one-month training camp in Hokkaido. "For now let's see what this body can do in a month [of training]," she said.

Source article: translated by Brett Larner

Kim Sets Korean 5000 m National Record, Tsuetaki Clears Steeple Standard, Osako Comes Up Short - Abashiri Highs and Lows

The final meet in Japan's Hokuren Distance Challenge series, Thursday's Abashiri meet was set up to give people one last chance to clear the qualifying standards for next month's London World Championships ahead of the fast-approaching deadline. Temperatures were far above normal for northern Hokkaido through much of the day, the mid-afternoon peak reported at over 36C at the time of the men's 800 m A-heat and still at 25C at the start of the five standard-chasing races in the evening.

網走女子5000A — ホクレン・ディスタンスチャレンジ2017 (@hokurendc2017) July 13, 2017
The best race of the day was the women's 5000 m A-heat. With two women already confirmed for London the third spot on the team was up for grabs. First in line under the JAAF's criteria for addition, top three at Nationals and under the 15:22.00 standard, was 16-year-old Shuri Ogasawara (Yamanashi Gakuin H.S.), 3rd at Nationals in an U18 national record of 15:23.56. Next in line would be anyon…

Takamatsu Makes Return to Racing After Nike Oregon Project Disappointment

Running again in her hometown on the second day of the Osaka Track and Field Championships at Yanmar Stadium Nagai, 2014 Youth Olympics girls' 3000 m gold medalist Nozomi Musembi Takamatsu (19, Osaka T&F Assoc.) took the first step toward a comeback. Closing the gap to the runner ahead of her on the second lap, Takamatsu finished with effort to spare in 2:14.51 for 2nd. "I was able to run the way I'd envisioned," she said afterward. "I had some anxiety since it was pretty much my first real race in a year but I was able to give it my best."

After graduating from Osaka Kunei Joshi Gakuin H.S. in the spring last year Takamatsu moved to Oregon, U.S.A. to take part in the "Nike Oregon Project" elite long distance group created by Nike. With a dream of winning gold in the 5000 m or 10000 m at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and high hopes in her heart, she crossed the ocean.

But in the U.S. she was hit by the cold hand of reality. "I was DFL every ti…

'Toward a Smoke Free Tokyo Olympics'

Japanese Men's 100 m History

With Japan chomping at the bit to see its first-ever sub-10 clocking in the men's 100 m, Twitter user @touchdown_time put together the following list showing every time Japanese men have broken 10.10. The left column shows legal performances and the right column wind-aided times, with the fastest time by each athlete to have done it marked in yellow.

男子100m日本歴代(10秒09以内)最新版 — タッチダウンタイム (@touchdown_time) July 10, 2017
What's notable is that of the twelve men to have broken 10.10 with legal wind, four did it for the first time in June this year. At the time of Japan's 4x100 m silver medal last summer at the Rio Olympics only team members Yoshihide Kiryu (Toyo Univ.) and Ryota Yamagata (Seiko) and alternate Kei Takase (Fujitsu) had run faster than 10.10. After third Rio member Aska Cambridge (Nike) dropped a wind-aided 9.98 earlier in the season its fourth man Shota Iizuka (Mizuno), known more as a 200 m specialist, started the streak off with a 10.0…

Summary of Japanese Medalists at Asian Athletics Championships

With a roster somewhat depleted of top-level talent Japan took no gold but managed to pick up five silver and nine bronze medals at the July 6-9 Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneswar, India. Japanese women scored the majority of the medals, taking three silver and eight bronze medals to the men's count of two silver, one bronze.

Women's 10000 m national champion Mizuki Matsuda (Daihatsu) and men's 110 m hurdles national champ Shunya Takayama (Zenrin) were the only athletes already named to Japan's London World Championships team to participate. Matsuda took the bronze medal in the 10000 m behind Daria Maslova (Kyrghizstan) and national championships 5th-placer Yuka Hori (Japan), while Takayama missed out on bronze by 0.04 seconds as he took 4th in 13.65 (-0.6 m/s).

With none of the Japanese medalists clearing London standards at the Asian Athletics Championships there were no additions beyond Matsuda and Takayama to the London team from among those who competed…

Endo Breaks 3000 m Junior National Record in Kitami

Already the U18 national record holder for 3000 m, 18-year-old Hyuga Endo (Sumitomo Denko) stepped up with an U20 record in the men's 3000 m at the third meet in the Hokuren Distance Challenge series Sunday in Kitami, Hokkaido.

北見男子prj-A3000m陸連強化レース(ペースメーカーあり) — ホクレン・ディスタンスチャレンジ2017 (@hokurendc2017) July 9, 2017
The men's and women's 3000 m races on the program as a step toward Wednesday's fourth and final HDC meet in Abashiri where people will be shooting for last-minute London World Championships qualifying standards. With pacer Evans Keitany (Toyota Boshoku) targeting 7:55 the men's race came down to a sprint finish between Tetsuya Yoroizaka (Asahi Kasei), Takashi Ichida (Asahi Kasei) and Chiharu Nakagawa (Toenec) over the last lap. Yoroizaka dropped Ichida in the home straight to win in 7:52.70, the fastest-ever 3000 m time by a Japanese man on Japanese soil and one that made him all-time #10 in the Japanese record books. Closing fast, …

Deaflympic Athletes Meet With Governor Koike

Set to take part in the Deaflympics, the world's quadrennial main event for hearing-impaired athletes, members of the Japanese team appeared at Tokyo City Hall on July 5 to talk to Governor Yuriko Koike about their upcoming competition. Governor Koike spoke to them using sign language to express her support, with the athletes returning the distinctive sign for applause in thanks.

The Deaflympics begin July 18 in Samsun, Turkey with 108 Japanese athletes in 11 different sports competing. 18 members of the team appeared at Tokyo City Hall. Swimmer Ryutaro Ibara, 23, told Koike, "I want to make this an opportunity for people in Japan and around the world to better understand handicapped athletes. I will do my best to help lead the team on to further success at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Governor Koike commented, "I am making Tokyo a place where every athlete has the opportunity to deliver their best. Please bring home as many medals as you can."…

Kawauchi Breaks Mekonnen's Sub-2:12 World Record

For the last few years Ethiopia's Tsegaye Kebede and Japan's Yuki Kawauchi have been in a race to erase serial marathoner great Abebe Mekonnen from the record books. At one point Mekennon held a controlling share of the sub-x marathon world records, the number of times an athlete ran under 2:** in their career. Kebede has been taking Mekonnen's records away from the faster end and Kawauchi from the slower, finally meeting each other at the sub-2:12 level. Kawauchi got there first, tying Mekonnen's record of 22 at May's Prague Marathon. With his 2:09:18 at Sunday's Gold Coast Airport Marathon Kawauchi took away Mekonnen's last record as he marked his 23rd career sub-2:12, the first man in history to run such depth at quality.

His Gold Coast performance extended Kawauchi's range to every record from sub-2:12 to sub-2:19. Looking ahead, he is now 8 races away from tying American Doug Kurtis' record of 76 career sub-2:20 marks. With 6 more marathons on…

London World Championships Marathoner Shigetomo Tunes Up in Hakodate

A month out from the London World Championships, women's marathon team member Risa Shigetomo (Tenmaya) tuned up with her first road race since winning January's Osaka International Women's Marathon, lining up at Hokkaido's Hakodate Half Marathon. Running in the second pack with 2015 winner Asami Kato (Panasonic) and last year's winner Hiroko Miyauchi (Hokuren), Shigetomo took 6th in 1:14:38.

3rd the last two years, Yuko Mizuguchi (Denso) scored the win in 1:13:37 over Reia Iwade (Dome) and Miharu Shimokado (Nitori), both still adjusting to recent team and coaching changes. London team alternate Misato Horie (Noritz) was also in action in Hokkaido later the same day, running 16:21.77 for 10th in the women's 5000 m at the season's first Hokuren Distance Challenge meet in Shibetsu.

In the men's race in Hakodate last year's top three shuffled positions to sweep the podium again. 2nd last year, Charles Ndungu (Komori Corp.) got the better of defending c…

'Ishikawa and Bereznowska Win at 12th IAU 24 Hour World Championships'

Yoshihiko Ishikawa (Japan) and Patrycja Bereznowska (Poland) lead us into the finalo hour at the @iaunews@belfast24hr World Championships! — Ryan Maxwell (@NiRunning) July 2, 2017

Ten Years of Japan Running News

Ten years ago today Japan Running News started with a story about the withdrawal of Wataru Okutani from the Japanese men's marathon team just before the start of the Osaka World Championships. The concept was to provide a high-quality and reliable source for information in English about as much of the fascinating and exciting but otherwise invisible world of Japanese distance running as possible, and in the ten years of almost daily updates since then that ideal hasn't changed.

The timing couldn't have been better, capturing the arcs of Samuel Wanjiru, Arata Fujiwara and Yuki Kawauchi, the rise of the Hakone Ekiden-driven university men's running circuit and of Japanese men's sprinting, and the buildup toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Along the way JRN has grown in ways we couldn't have expected, bringing writing jobs for publications worldwide and TV commentating work, the chance to work directly with some of Japan's best athletes and to travel around the …

Noguchi Downs Mungara and Kawauchi for Gold Coast Win, Bekele Breaks Women's Course Record

Running on his 29th birthday, Takuya Noguchi (Team Konica Minolta) became just the sixth Japanese man to ever win a marathon outside Japan in a sub-2:10 time as he shot down favorites and past champions Kenneth Mungara (Kenya) and Yuki Kawauchi (Saitama Pref. Gov't) to win the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in a 2-minte-plus PB of 2:08:59. In the women's race #1-ranked Abebech Bekele (Ethiopia) became only the second Ethiopian woman to ever win Gold Coast as she took more than a minute off the year-old course record to win in 2:25:34.

Pre-race Noguchi's wife Risa Takenaka (Team Shiseido), the 2015 Gold Coast women's winner and running again this year, told JRN that he was in better shape than she was and had come in part to try to outgun Kawauchi. With a good season behind him including a 1:02:37 half marathon PB and 2:11:04 marathon PB in February and a 1:02:21 half marathon best in May Noguchi had the momentum to see that through. Two-time defending champ Mungara had c…

Canada at 150

The first race I ran in Japan was the 1997 Terry Fox charity run at the Imperial Palace a month after I moved to Tokyo. At that race I met people from the running club where seven years later I met my future wife and associate editor Mika Tokairin, who in 2007 suggested I start JRN.

My mother was the daughter of immigrants, the first one in her family who was genuinely a product of Canada. As I've lived most of my life, part of my childhood and my entire adult life, outside of the country the connection I feel to Canada is tenuous at best, but if there is one thing that makes me proud to still have Canadian citizenship it is Terry Fox. Three days past the 36th anniversary of his death at age 22, long may his legacy live, and congratulations to his country on the 150th anniversary of its confederation.