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Summary of Japanese Results on Day 4 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day Four Highlights

London, England, 7/17/17
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Women's 100 m T13 Final (0.0 m/s)
1. Leilia Adzhametova (Ukraine) - 12.00 - MR
2. Ilse Hayes (South Africa) - 12.17
3. Kym Crosby (U.S.A.) - 12.18 - PB
7. Tomomi Sato (Japan) - 13.08

Men's 100 m T42 Final (-0.4 m/s)
1. Scott Reardon (Australia) - 12.21
2. Daniel Wagner (Denmark) - 12.30
3. Richard Whitehead (Great Britain) - 12.39
6. Atsushi Yamamoto (Japan) - 13.08

Men's 400 m T44 Final
1. Michail Seitis (Greece) - 51.41
2. Simone Manigrasso (Italy) - 54.07 - PB
3. Emanuele di Marino (Italy) - 55.70
7. Mikio Ikeda (Japan) - 59.40

Men's 800 m T54 Final
1. Marcel Hug (Switzerland) - 1:37.64
2. Yang Liu (China) - 1:37.97
3. Saichon Konjen (Thailand) - 1:38.12
4. Tomoki Suzuki (Japan) - 1:41.42

Men's 1500 m T20 Final
1. Michael Brannigan (U.S.A.) - 3:53.05 - CR
2. Cristiano Pereira (Portugal) - 3:55.39 - AR
3. Rafal Korc (Poland) - 3:56.82
9. Daisuke Nakagawa (Japan) - 4:09.57
10. Yusuke Yamanouchi (Japan) - 4:17.40
11. Yuya Kimura (Japan) - 4:18.37

Women's 1500 m T20 Final
1. Barbara Niewiedzial (Poland) - 4:33.82
2. Liudmyla Danylina (Ukraine) - 4:35.08
3. Ilona Biacsi (Hungary) - 4:36.73
6. Moeko Yamamoto (Japan) - 4:53.13 - PB
7. Sayaka Makita (Japan) - 5:45.38
10. Misaki Ari (Japan) - 5:18.16

Men's Triple Jump T47 Final
1. Tobi Fawehinmi (U.S.A.) - 14.98
2. Christos Koutoulias (Greece) - 13.84 m - PB
3. Hajimu Ashida (Japan) - 13.58

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Yoshio Koide, Hara's former coach at the Universal Entertainment corporate team and head of the Saku Athlete Club, was surprised by the events. "She trained harder than anybody," Koide said. "She never missed training, and she was really f*cking serious. I think there must have been a reason for her to commit shoplifting, but she was always a normal kind of girl who would say, "Yes!" when you told her to do something. When she retired she said, 'I've done what I could but I just can't run the way I want to.' I haven't spoken to her since she quit, but it's very unfortunate news and I can't understand it."

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World Championships Marathoner Yumiko Hara Arrested for Shoplifting Cosmetics

Former World Championships marathoner Yumiko Hara, 35, was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting cosmetics and other goods. A resident of Ashikaga, Tochigi, Hara is suspected of shoplifting eight items including cosmetics and soft drinks with a total value of 2700 yen [~$25 USD] from a local convenience store on July 30. According to police, a clerk performing a store inventory found that the item totals did not match. When police reviewed security camera footage they identified Hara as a suspect.

Hara represented Japan at two World Championships, finishing 6th in the marathon at the 2005 Helsinki World Championships. During her interrogation Hara admitted her guilt in the charges, saying that there was "no mistake."
Translator's note: Along with the 2005 Helsinki World Championships and 2007 Osaka World Championships, Hara represented Japan at the 2003 Vilamoura World Half Marathon Championships. She was the winner of both the 2007 Osaka International Women's Maratho…

Silver and Bronze - Summary of Japanese Performances at 2017 London World Championships

Thanks to a last-minute rush Japan walked away from the London World Championships with a passable haul. The JAAF judges performance in terms of medals and top 8 finishes. Up to Saturday, only one Japanese athlete had met either, 18-year-old sprinter Abdul Hakim Sani Brown finishing 7th in the men's 200 m final as the first Japanese man to make a 200 m final at Worlds since 2003. Three other Japanese athletes had scored top 10 placings, Yuki Kawauchi and Kentaro Nakamoto in the men's marathon and Ayuko Suzuki in the women's 10000 m, but under the JAAF's criteria these were not viewed as success.

Saturday's men's 4x100 m final brought the first Japanese medal of the Championships, with Japan following up on its Rio Olympics silver with a bronze, its first-ever Worlds medal in the discipline. Sunday morning brought Japan's best-ever showing in the men's 50 km race walk, Rio bronze medalist Hirooki Arai moving up to silver, Kai Kobayashi taking bronze wit…